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April 2007 Loop Stitching

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Saddle stitching is often seen as a “basic” binding style. That’s not unwarranted, as stitching is an economical binding style for products such as booklets, pamphlets and self-mailers. These applications often have short life span that doesn’t require the cost or durability of mechanical or perfect binding.

One limitation of saddle stitching is the need to drill holes into products that will wind up in a ring binder. For these applications, Bindery 1 would like to suggest loop stitching as an alternative binding style. Loop stitching is nearly identical to saddle stitching save for one key difference: the stitches take the form of loops, allowing bound products to slide easily onto ring binders without marring their design and appearance. And, like saddle stitching, loop stitching is compatible with products that include multiple stocks and have a wide range of final trim sizes.

Here are a few tips to consider when planning a loop stitching application:

Loop Stitching Planning Guidelines

Size requirements: Loop stitching can be performed with as little as 2” between stitches (shoulder to shoulder) for small-format applications. The positioning of the loop stitches can be altered to accommodate proprietary ring positioning for binder applications.

Book thickness: If possible, limit book thickness to 3/8” or less. Although we can (and do) loop stitch thicker books, more weight places more stress on the loop stitches. This can lead to damaged stitches if the book is inserted into a ring binder and the binder is shaken or the book is pulled severely when opened. The exact page count will depend on the thickness of your stock, so let Bindery 1 help you plan your loop stitching project for success.

The Bindery 1 Advantage

Put the versatile saddle stitching and loop stitching capabilities of Bindery 1 to work on your next project. Our two high-speed stitching machines include inline cover feeders, up to eight pockets, inline hole punching, 4th and 5th knives for two-out book layouts and refolding, which gives Bindery 1 clients plenty of design flexibility and production efficiency. We can loop stitch products in a variety of format sizes. Contact Bindery 1 today and let us help you begin planning your next successful loop stitching project.

Bindery1 has a large surplus of Wire-O binding elements we are offering at a *significant discount*. The Wire-O elements are 7/8” in diameter and pewter in color. If your project calls for Wire-O binding with these parameters, contact us today and *save money* on your materials costs!