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For Tough Adhesive Binding Projects
Try PUR Adhesive

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PUR Binding is durable and allows for a flexible spine as well.

It’s a headache for every printer and binder: A book project in which every page is lathered in ink and coating. Thicker books bring on even worse headaches. Traditional binding adhesives don’t stand a chance on these projects, and sewing can be beyond the budget of many customers. What’s the solution?

At Bindery1, we suggest PUR (polyurethane reactive) adhesive binding. PUR is the strongest bookbinding adhesive available, creating a durable bond on even the most image-heavy, ink-laden catalogs, directories, annual reports, brochures and similar products.
Here are some advantages of using PUR in your next adhesive binding project:

Maximum pull strength The page pull strength of a PUR-bound book is more than 2½ times that of a standard perfect-bound book using EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) adhesive. Books bound with PUR glue simply will not fall apart, even under heavy usage in the most demanding conditions.

Heavy inks and coatings — Forget the knock-out areas. PUR creates a strong bond regardless of ink coverage or press coating.

Greater use of tabs Add utility to books and catalogs with tabs or other inserts without worrying that they will compromise the binding integrity. PUR minimizes problems when mixing stocks or binding non-traditional materials.

Impervious to temperatures Once it has cured, PUR remains stable in temperatures ranging from -40ºF to over 140ºF. That means PUR-bound books can be used in the toughest climates from the hottest Texas heat to Canadian winters without unwanted remelting or cold cracking.

Faster turnaround times — Today’s PUR adhesive formulas cure faster, allowing books to be handled shortly after coming off the binder. That allows downstream processes such as shrink wrapping and film laminating to be performed faster, allowing books to reach your customers quicker.

The Bindery 1 Advantage
BREAKING NEWS! The new state-of-the-art Wohlenberg Champion e adhesive binder at Bindery1 offers fast, high-quality PUR binding capabilities. This machine can also perform standard hot melt perfect binding and layflat adhesive binding, giving you and your customers plenty of choices for your adhesive-bound products. Bindery1 also offers a full range of bindery, finishing, mailing & multimedia services. You can count on our team of dedicated professionals to deliver quality products with expert service.

Bindery1 has a large surplus of Wire-O binding elements we are offering at a *significant discount*. The Wire-O elements are 7/8” in diameter and pewter in color. If your project calls for Wire-O binding with these parameters, contact us today and *save money* on your materials costs!