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Saddle Stitching Versatility

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The versatility of saddle stitching makes it the binding style of choice for a wide range of products. From booklets and brochures to multi-panel self-mailers, saddle stitching is most effective when performed in conjunction with complementary post press functions. At Bindery 1, we can combine saddle stitching with many other finishing processes to create efficient manufacturing solutions that get your jobs produced quickly and economically. Here are some examples of design versatility.

Folding and stitching go hand-in-hand on many projects. Look for a post press services provider that can handle all your folding needs. At Bindery 1, our extensive folding capabilities allow us to create stitched products in a wide range of folding formats and sequences to give you the ultimate in creative freedom. For example, we can produce a stitched booklet with a six-page wrap-around flap cover, as well as two-up booklets that take advantage of our 4th and 5th knife capabilities. We also offer re-folding services on both our saddle stitchers and booklet makers to fold stitched pieces in half or letter size based on their page count.

Booklet binding is an ideal solution for products printed one-up on small-format presses. At Bindery 1, we collate, stitch, fold and face trim four-page forms inline. The result is an efficient process that requires minimal set-up time, allowing for rapid turnarounds and dependable results. Booklet binding is cost-efficient for products printed in common small-press formats. For example, 11" x 17" forms can be stitched and folded down to a final size of 8-1/2" x 11". Several other common formats are also able to be stitched using this efficient capability. Depending on your stock, we can utilize up to 30 pockets on our booklet binding equipment to produce even the most complex jobs in a single pass.

There are several additional forms of binding that utilize saddle stitching equipment. Loop stitching uses larger, looped stitches that allow stitched products to be inserted into a ring binder, eliminating the need for three-hole drilling. Side stitching and corner stapling are two more choices that give you design and format flexibility for your saddle stitching applications.

A natural extension of our saddle stitching services, inkjet imaging allows stitched self-mailers to be addressed and personalized for rapid project completion. Our high-resolution capabilities offer color imaging up to 600dpi – perfect for scripted fonts.

Look to Bindery 1 for saddle stitching services that meet every type of project. Our multiple stitching machines include 4th and 5th knife capabilities for two-up formats and inline cover feeders, allowing us handle both short-run and high-volume projects. Features such as die-cut covers and text pages, index tabs, pocket covers and tabloid size (11" x 17") books can all be handled at Bindery 1. Custom applications such as die-cut stitched books, including stair-stepped tabs and die cut edges, are also possible. We can also perform several functions inline on our stitching equipment, including hole punching for calendars and shrink wrapping.

Combined with our folding, gluing, collating, inkjet imaging and mailing services, we can create an efficient workflow to meet aggressive turnaround requests. Contact Bindery 1 today to discuss your project needs.