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Folding Choices at Bindery 1

From miniature folding to oversize map folding and everything in between, look to Bindery 1 as your complete folding resource.

One of our core competencies at Bindery 1 is folding of almost every style, size and shape. From miniature to oversize map folding and everything in between, Bindery 1 is capable of performing almost any type of fold your application requires. To help aid in planning – and to get your creative side going – here are some additional details on what’s possible in the world of folding.

Combining Processes
Total project efficiency can be enhanced when folding is combined with additional capabilities. At Bindery 1, we can combine folding with gluing, scoring, perfing, inkjet imaging and wafer tabbing to create a highly-efficient production solution for direct mail applications, brochures and many other products.

We can also perform refolding inline with saddle stitching to create an efficient workflow for self-mailers and similar projects.

Miniature to Map
Our range of folding solutions can handle project formats from miniature pieces up to large-format applications. We can fold down to panel sizes as small as 5/8” on our miniature folding equipment – ideal for pharmaceutical and consumer product instruction sheets and other retail packaging applications.

Planning Tip – Provide Detailed Instructions
The exact folding sequence of a project has a direct effect on its time and cost. If you’ve designed your piece with a specific folding sequence in mind, be sure to provide detailed instructions when you request an estimate. Otherwise, your bindery will be forced to guess at a folding sequence that will work for your project.

The Bindery 1 Advantage
At Bindery 1, you'll find a post-press partner with a full complement of binding, finishing, mailing and multimedia capabilities. In addition to our mechanical binding services, we offer perfect binding, saddle stitching, die cutting, folding, cutting, collating, laminating and related services. We also offer a complete range of direct mail processing and personalization services, as well as fulfillment, data processing, media duplication and more. To begin planning your next project, contact us today!