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Mechanical Binding: The Choice is Yours

Wire-O binding is valued for its ability to layflat and incorporate a range of stock sizes and weights.

Long before ink hits paper, a customer has likely visualized almost every aspect of their project. One detail that’s often overlooked is the binding style, despite its importance to the functionality and appearance of the finished product. Print providers can use this opportunity to offer an expanded range of solutions to their customers when they partner with a full-service bindery.

At Bindery 1, mechanical binding is one of our core competencies. Here are some helpful details on each of the mechanical binding styles we offer:

Wire-O binding is popular for its many user-friendly attributes, including the ability to lay flat and fold 360 degrees. A mix of stocks can be easily collated into your books, giving you the freedom to include index tabs, pockets, short sheets and even easels. The Wire-O binding elements are available in dozens of standard and special-order PMS colors. This combination of features makes Wire-O ideal for cookbooks, directories, manuals, menus and more.

Plastic Spiral
A durable mechanical binding solution, plastic spiral elements will bounce back to their original shape after being crushed or bent. Like Wire-O, plastic spiral offers lay-flat design and a 360° degree opening radius, as well as a rainbow of available colors. However, plastic spiral-bound books “step-up” when opened, which may interfere with crossovers.

Plastic Comb
Plastic comb binding offers an alternative appearance for many mechanical binding applications. In addition to the layflat capabilities and variety of comb colors and sizes available, plastic comb books can include printing on the spine. Retail applications such as cookbooks, children’s books, directories and manuals all benefit from this feature.

Tinning is an often-overlooked yet practical binding solution for calendars and posters. Available in seven distinct colors, Bindery 1 can perform tinning on products up to 36” in length, and with up to three hanging hooks An added bonus is that these projects can be rolled up for no-hassle shipping. With calendar season just around the corner, be sure to ask us about tinning.

The Bindery 1 Advantage
At Bindery 1, you’ll find a post-press partner with a full complement of binding, finishing, mailing and multimedia capabilities. In addition to our mechanical binding services, we offer perfect binding, saddle stitching, die cutting, folding, cutting, collating, laminating and related services. We also offer a complete range of direct mail processing and personalization services, as well as fulfillment, data processing, media duplication and more. To begin planning your next project, contact us today!