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Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is the standard adhesive binding method for manuals, annual reports, instruction books, magazines and more. The adhesive is applied to the spine of the book block, which is then applied to the cover. The look can be enhanced by adding gated covers (fold outs), die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, and lamination are just a few options. Bindery 1, Inc can offer several styles of perfect binding solutions:

  • PUR adhesive
  • Layflat binding
  • Swiss binding
  • Euro binding
  • Tape binding
  • Japanese Binding
  • Binding books as thin as 1/16 up to 2-7/16
  • Gated fold out covers all in one pass
  • Optical signature recognition system


PUR Adhesive Binding (polyurethane reactive) is the strongest most durable binding adhesive available. PUR adhesive is chosen over standard hotmelt adhesives for many reasons, the most important of which are its superior adhesion and the ability of PUR- bound books to lay flat when opened. Also PUR is unique in that it will bond to lacquer, UV cured coatings, synthetics. PUR adhesive grabs hold to heavy coated papers making it a popular choice. PUR is able to withstand climate changes from freezing to high humidity, Page pulls are 60% and better, than traditional hotmelts.

For more information about the new perfect binder, click on the link below:
Wohlenberg Champion e Perfect Binder